The Viatones are a rock n roll band from Lafayette, Louisiana.  Often referred to as a supergroup, its members are shared amongst a slew of other popular swla bands. Despite some alterations, the group stands firmly after nearly a decade, with roots extending well before.  Performing almost exclusively within a 1-mile radius, they’ve managed to release two albums to date, and are foolishly considering a 3rd. 

One could easily write a pretentious, nauseating essay describing the wonders of their sound, but let’s be modest: it’s only rock n roll.  Perhaps psychedelic pop rock, but even then.  Any purveyor of the cause with the slightest clue could rattle off their major influences within seconds of listening, and that’s something there’s certainly no shame in.  An artist is only as good as his or her influences, after all.   Fortunately for you, The Viatones draw only from the best of the best, and they’ve gotten pretty darn good at it. But enough blathering!  Give them a listen, and a peep, and see and hear for yourself!  Maybe even buy their records!? 

Well...go on, now...get!